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Anivents Unlimited is a team of Anime and Gaming fans who run Convention Panels and Standalone Events, and engage in various forms of Media Coverage.

Based out of Victoria, BC, Canada, Anivents Unlimited’s staff team is comprised of a diverse group of talented and passionate individuals, each with a unique background and history of involvement with various Anime and Gaming conventions within the region. Our team members come from various backgrounds such as current and former Convention Staff, Convention Panelists, Event Coordinators, Photographers, and Cosplayers.

Our slogan, “Beyond Conventional”, means that our activities extend beyond the traditional convention timeline, as we believe that the fun is far from over just because a convention has ended. This means that we are focused on providing activities for fans year-round and not strictly within a convention schedule. “Beyond Conventional” also means that we aim to provide innovative convention activities that go beyond the tradition of convention norms. This results in us producing a wide range of convention programming that aims at providing convention attendees with unique and memorable experiences beyond what they may traditionally expect to see at conventions.

Through our efforts, Anivents Unlimited strives to provide a wide variety of content from all angles of the event perspective that allow fans to fully immerse themselves in the spirit of the events. This is what it truly means to go Beyond Conventional.