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How to Draft a Bow – Maryjane’s Bow Tutorial Part 1

How to Draft a Bow – Maryjane’s Bow Tutorial Part 1

by April 29, 2016 Tutorials & How-To's

I’m really excited to share with you the process I use to construct bows!

I’m sure you’re familiar with how to tie a bow so you may have noticed that simply tying a ribbon won’t produce the same crisp, clean silhouette that you see on your cosplay reference art. In this tutorial, I’l be going over how to draft and sew cartoony, gravity-defying bows to embellish your cosplay project with. I’ll start with how to draft the pattern for your bow. I’m not including a pattern for you to print out and use since bows come in an infinite number of shapes and sizes.

This drafting tutorial is applicable to pretty much every style of bow out there so try it out and make any necessary changes to suit your project. I tried to break these instructions down to be as simple to follow as possible however an intermediate understanding of drafting and sewing are recommended to make the most out of this tutorial.

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