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Introducing the Nekotronic Nights Livestream Series!

Introducing the Nekotronic Nights Livestream Series!

by September 30, 2020 Site News

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of a new project, the Nekotronic Nights livestream series to support cats (and other animals, too)! This weekend-long event series will be held once a month for the remainder of 2020 and once every two months through 2021, and all net proceeds from our Twitch channel’s affiliate status will be split-donated between the BC SPCA and the Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) to provide support to animals in their care!

Like our initial Twitch livestream event, Hardcore HeatRAVE, each event will feature an amazing selection of the hottest high-energy DJs from around the world, streaming straight to the comfort of your desktop, laptop, or mobile device! The best part is that whether you subscribe, use bits, or even just tune in, you will be benefitting animals in need while also listening to an entire weekend of amazing performances!

Because Nekotronic Nights is literally a fresh brand, the initial run of Twitch payouts will go towards commissioning a proper promotional logo, but the net proceeds from any and all subsequent payouts will directly donated!

You can find this event series in our “Events” tab in the left-hand column of our Facebook page, so we look forward to seeing you all there!