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The following is a list of the different programming that we run at various conventions:


Tsukino-Con Exclusive


Title: The Tsukino-Con Cosplay Contest
Rating: G
Description: Fluff those wigs, polish those boots, and get that last stitch sewn up! Anivents Unlimited returns once again to present Tsukino-Con’s main event, the Tsukino-Con Cosplay Contest!


Title: The Tsukino-Con Swimsuit Showdown
Rating: 18+
Description: A Beach Party? In the middle of Winter?! Of course! We’re in Canada, after all! Based on the original Cosplay Swimsuit Contest by H. Cupcake Productions, Anivents Unlimited once again presents everybody’s favorite late-night event, the Tsukino-Con Swimsuit Showdown! Get ready for plenty of fan-service as our lovely contestants keep us warm by steaming things up on this chilly Winter night!


Convention Non-Specific


Title: Panel Against Humanity
Rating: 18+
Description: This is not you average Children’s Card Game, Yugi-Boy! This is a truly horrible game show for truly horrible people! Three contestants will battle it out to offend and conquer, and the winner will be chosen by you, the audience!


Title: OwO What’s This?
Rating: 18+
Description: Straight from the bowels of Chinese Cartoon Book Hell, this panel is “buldging” with entertainment! Come join us as our panel of part-time voice actors provide dramatic readings of some of the rarest… *ahem* …”Adult-Illustrated Japanese Literature” that we have found!


More fun and exciting panels will be added as we come up with new ideas!