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Sammi Miskosky Joins The Party!

Sammi Miskosky Joins The Party!

by April 9, 2016 Site News

Infinite Colour Photos


A veteran of both Tsukino-Con and preceding Kei-Kon, Sammi Miskosky has been a familiar face in and around the University of Victoria’s convention scene for over a decade! As a professional photographer based out of Victoria under the name, Infinite Colour Photos, she has years of experience shooting not only cosplayers, but also nature, portraits, and also specializes in the restoration of vintage black-and-white photos. Sammi has also been a good friend of mine for the past few years, and has led the coordination of the photography aspects of the Tsukino-Con Swimsuit Showdown since its revamp in 2015.

This year, I have the pleasure of welcoming Sammi Miskosky to the CosVic Media team!


sammi1The first and far most important thing you will ever need to learn about Sammi, is her indescribable, and slightly disturbing addiction to Reese Peanut Butter Cups. If you upset her, the easiest apology is, “Sorry, brought you some peanut butter cups.” And you will always be instantly forgiven. No matter how depressed she is, peanut butter cups will do a complete 180 on her outlook on life. If she’s fighting with a friend or loved one, give her the cups. If she had a bad day at work, give her the cups. If a beloved character dies in a TV show, or one of her books (let’s be real…its fan-fiction online…), give her the cups.


It’s a horrible addiction.


Sammi knew in 9th grade that she wanted to be a photographer. When it came time to choose electives, Sammi wanted to be entered into a sewing class. As the school then found out about her previous sewing machine fiasco, (there was a rumour about a fire alarm going off…), she was banned from the class. Because this was all decided after the school year had already started, all other electives for that block were full, except one. Sammi was placed into a mixed media class that students as a general rule took as a slack off class. To her credit, while everyone else slacked off, and gave “Little Miss Academic Try Hard” a good bully round, she never gave in. After only a week, she fell in love with the dark skinned soul at the front of the class. Sitting tall and proud, nothing was more beautiful to her. That love lasted through grade school and into Post-Secondary.


Her true love: a DSLR camera.



sammi2Sammi graduated from the Western Academy of Photography with Diplomas in Professional Photography, and Advanced Visual Communications.  It was a few years later that a loving friend convinced her to stop procrastinating, and to believe in herself. By that time the following year, Sammi owned her own small business Infinite Colour Photos. While small at first, it continues to grow with new Cosplay models, fashion designers, and families asking for photographs in a variety of settings. For the last two years, Infinite Colour Photos has run a homemade Studio Photo Booth at Tsukino-Con, and held a Media-Badge at various conventions as well. Continuing forward, she is expected as media at In-Con 2016, and is currently working on receiving media badges for other conventions as well.


While this love story is still young, it is aging with new strengths, friendships, and knowledge. Can anyone ask for more?


sammi3Sammi has already hit the ground running posting to the Cosplay Victoria site with her Personal Introduction and her Interviews at this year’s LANtasy 2016, and will be a regular contributor to the site with her segment, Infinite Weekly.

Her works can also be found on her Facebook page, Infinite Colour Photos.

Look forward to more fun and exciting content from Sammi Miskosky in the weeks to come!