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Site Executive

    Adrian Simeoni

    Head of Operations

    As the Founder of Anivents Unlimited and a long-time staff member of Tsukino-Con since its inaugural year in 2010, Adrian has served in a variety of staffing positions during his eight years with the convention, gaining a well-rounded knowledge of multiple aspects of event production as a result.

    In addition to a diverse range of staffing duties, Adrian is also a veteran panelist, having run panels at Tsukino-Con and various other conventions in the Pacific Northwest, and he has used the knowledge gained from these experiences as an opportunity to develop a platform for the production of independent events.

        Maryjane Brown

        Deputy Head of Operations

        With over a decade of experience as a professional seamstress and costume designer, Maryjane Brown has truly made a name for herself in the world of Cosplay. Her extensive knowledge of craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail has led her to win numerous awards at conventions across Canada.

        Since 2012, Maryjane Brown has been a staple figure in many of the projects and panels run by Anivents Unlimited, such as Panel Against Humanity, Fifty Fans of Fiction, and of course a prominent veteran of Tsukino-Con’s Swimsuit Showdown.

        With such a vast amount of experience under her belt, Maryjane currently displays her Cosplay prowess as Assistant Coordinator of the Tsukino-Con Cosplay Contest.

          Site Operations

            Peter Cho

            Head of Media

            One Word: ‘Murkuh.

                Richard DiCastri

                Head of A.V.A.S.T. (Anivents Attendee Services Team)

                Richard DiCastri has been part of the Victoria convention scene since the Kei-Kon days. His experience and initiative has led him to climb the ranks to serve as Tsukino-Con’s current Chair since 2016.

                Richard’s strengths in leadership very much carry over into his professional life, through his years of training and experience in Security and First Aid consulting.

                Richard is also the owner and custodian of Tsukino-Con’s popular In-The-Groove arcade cabinet.



                  Media Contributors

                    Imran Ismail

                    D.I.S/C Photography

                    Literally willing to go to great heights to get just the right angle, Imran knows what he needs to do in order to get that perfect shot. Imran has never been afraid to do what it takes to get the angle just right, and defying death is no exception.

                    Heights are nothing new to Imran, however. This high-flying enthusiast has many years and more than a thousand hours and counting of actual flight experience under his belt. As of now he is a fixed-wing Flight Instructor, approved to teach everyday people to become fully fledged pilots.

                    In addition to capturing the action, Imran is also quite a part of it, as he has worked the cosplay runway as Foxfire Ahri while working both sides of the camera.

                        Sammi Anne Miskoski

                        Infinite Colour Photography

                        A veteran of both Tsukino-Con and preceding Kei-Kon, Sammi Anne Miskosky has been a familiar face in and around the University of Victoria’s convention scene for over a decade.

                        As a professional photographer based out of Victoria under Infinite Colour Photos, she has years of experience shooting not only cosplayers, but also nature, portraits, and also specializes in the restoration of vintage black-and-white photos.

                        Sammi has also led the coordination of the photography aspects of the Tsukino-Con Swimsuit Showdown since its revamp in 2015.

                            Marc Messett

                            Marc Messett Photography

                            Marc Messett’s unique approach to photography brings out the hidden vibrancy that can turn an already-breathtaking view into a truly mesmerizing one. The classic cliché is that a picture is worth a thousand words, but Marc’s photos write tales upon tales of adventure.

                            Marc has spent years honing his skills in photographing subjects both in and out of cosplay, with a talent for composition that creates an all-too-surreal experience for both the subject and the viewer.

                            In addition, Marc has a personality that will lift your spirits, as well as yourself. When not behind the camera, Marc can often be found hoisting cosplayers high up on his shoulders (with consent, of course) at numerous conventions throughout the Midwest.